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  • Dara Davis, BS

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    Dara Davis, LACMH

    First and foremost, I believe counseling works. I became a counselor because I think people have so much potential that is often locked inside because of varying limitations. I want to help individuals unlock their potential using a collaborative approach to make real, lasting change. I look forward to working with individuals from all walks of life, including children, adolescents, adults, and couples. I most enjoy working with people looking for clarity and guidance within their lives and relationships. I aim to help people improve their communication skills and have happier, more meaningful connections.
    I offer primarily cognitive behavioral therapy with a person-centered flair. I utilize evidenced-based practices that are tried and true and can also fit to a client’s specific needs.
    I truly value the therapeutic relationship and I am excited to walk this journey with my clients. Additionally, I am a proud Latina and proud of my heritage. I am empowered to work with the Hispanic community as a bi-lingual clinician.